Cheap VoIP services have made calling more affordable

Cheap VoIP services enable you to make phone calls at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone service. They are provided by companies that use VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol technology that allows voice signals to be transmitted over the Internet.

One reason the VoIP services are cheap is that the service providers don’t have to invest on infrastructure. They use the existing Internet infrastructure to route voice traffic. This reduces costs, because the VoIP services provider only has to pay termination fees to telecom majors when the call passes beyond the net to traditional phone lines.

If the call is made from an Internet-enabled phone to another Internet-enabled phone then the phone provider incurs no cost. This provides big savings that are passed on to the customer.

The biggest beneficiaries of this facility are the subscribers. Their phone bills have come down by one-third to half. The gains are even more for international callers. They pay much less for international calls than what they used to pay, or will pay if they used the traditional phone lines.

Initially, the voice quality on VoIP-based phone services was not good. However, this complaint is no longer there. The VoIP-phone subscribers also get several value added features when they move to the new generation phone companies. However, not all the value-added features are free. A small fee is charged for high-end services.

The booming VoIP phone market has led to the arrival of several new players. This has increased competition, and lowered prices further. The industry has also seen the arrival of several aggregators. They sell talk time, especially international talk time, at prices which are much less than the market rates.

It now makes sense to visit websites that compare VoIP services to find out the companies that offer the cheapest rates. These sites provide cheap VoIP rates for both domestic and international calling.

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