Packet8 VoIP gives subscribers a huge price advantage

Packet8 VoIP is a broadband telephone and videophone service that uses VoIP technology to meet the requirements of residential and business customers. The company routes the calls over Internet instead of the traditional public telephone network.

A customer needs a broadband Internet connection such as cable or DSL, a home router, a Packet8 call plan and a broadband phone service adapter or a videophone to make use of the Packet8 phone service.

Packet8 customers can make unlimited phone calls to the US and Canada if they buy the monthly plan that costs $19.95.Even the videophone customers of Packet8 can make unlimited calls to the US and Canada for $19.95 per month. This is a great facility, and gives Packet8 a huge price advantage over other VoIP phone service companies.

Packet8 provides its customers a free broadband phone service adapter when they subscribe to its monthly plan. The videophone subscribers are provided a standalone videophone at a discounted rate.

The subscribers also have the option to retain their traditional landline number or opt for a new phone number. The new number can even be from an area code where the subscriber does not live.

The Packet8 services are rated very high by its customers. Most of them find it as good as conventional landline phones. However, a few of them had a bad experience when their broadband connections were giving them trouble.

Packet8 also works with third parties to resell its service to small businesses. A great feature of Packet8 is that it allows unlimited calling from one Packet8 phone to another, irrespective of its location.

There are also no extra charges for features like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, or long-distance calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. However, international calls to non-Packet8 numbers are charged.

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