Speakeasy VoIP provides a two-in-one service

Speakeasy VoIP is a nationwide provider of broadband voice and data services. A unique feature of this company is that it provides both DSL broadband connectivity and a VoIP phone service. This enables it to give priority to voice packets, and guarantee sound voice quality

The customers too are happy because they don’t have to change their service provider. Also, in case of problems – be it in voice quality or broadband speed – they have to contact the same team.

A customer can convert the existing conventional telephone into a VoIP phone by plugging it into an adapter provided by Speakeasy. The same adapter is plugged to the Speakeasy DSL line. This makes it possible for the adapter to convert voice signals into digital data packets and route them over the DSL line.

The customer does not have to worry about the number. He can continue to use the same phone number or ask for a new number. This feature, which is known as local portability, allows Speakeasy to provide numbers that are from different areas or cities. The customer also has the option to run multiple phone numbers from the same DSL connection.

Speakeasy also provides a remote office feature. This allows a customer to use the VoIP service from any phone, including a cell phone. The customer even has the option to take this phone with him when he is going out of the house, and make and receive calls. However, the customer’s adapter is configured to the DSL broadband line provided by Speakeasy. It will therefore not work with other broadband lines.

Speakeasy provides several value-added features to its customers. These include voice mail, call waiting, caller ID, reach me call me facility and call forwarding to international numbers. Most of these features can be installed by accessing the web portal of Speakeasy.

A special feature of Speakeasy services is that its VoIP phones support standard 911 and E-911 emergency dialing. This was one of the drawbacks of early generation VoIP phones. However, with Speakeasy this is not the problem.

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