TotalTalk VoIP by AOL is a powerful service

TotalTalk VoIP by AOL, which is a successor to AOL Internet Phone, is an enhanced broadband phone service that provides facilities like Caller ID, E911, three-way calling and a Web-based dashboard for call and voicemail management. It allows customers to choose their numbers, and offers several value-added features at no extra charge.

TotalTalk offers three phone plans. A local monthly calling plan costs $13.99 for the first three months; after that the subscription fee rises to $18.99.a month A customer subscribing to this plan can make unlimited local and regional calls. The long-distance calls within USA and to Canada are priced at 4 cents a minute.

The customer can subscribe to a long-distance plan under which he can make unlimited calls. This plan costs $24.99-a-month for the first three months and then $29.99 a month.

The global plan costs $29.99 a month for the first three months. After that the cost goes up to $34.99 a month. This plan provides for unlimited long-distance calls and low overseas rates. For instance, a US caller can call Britain for 2 cents a minute.

A unique feature of the TotalTalk service is the dashboard. Customers can use the web-based dashboard to monitor the bill, see if their AIM/AOL friends are online and view the date and time when calls were made or received.

The dashboard also provides links to AOL White Pages, Yellow Pages and MapQuest. The customer can also glance at the number of e-mails and voicemails, and open them from the AOL inbox.

Another major plus point of TotalTalk is Triton, AOL's next-generation IM client. This is integrated with TotalTalk as its softphone application, and extends AOL's IM voice capability from PC-to-PC and from computers to landlines. AOL is also expected to launch another VoIP-related product called AIM Talk Plus. This is expected to make TotalTalk’s service even more powerful.

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