Verizon VoIP offers several advantages

Verizon VoIP is an arm of Verizon Communications Inc, one of the leading providers of communications services in the US. The company’s annual turnover is $71 billion and it has 214,000 employees on its rolls. The company invested more than $72 billion to maintain, upgrade and expand its technology infrastructure from mid-2000 to mid-2005.

The important businesses of Verizon are:

-- Domestic Telecom, which provides customers with wireline and other telecommunications services, including broadband.

-- Verizon Wireless, which owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless network, serving 49.3 million voice and data customers across the United States. The network is 100 percent digital, with 164 switching facilities and more than 23,000 cell sites nationwide.

-- Information Services, which operate directory-publishing businesses and provides electronic commerce services.

--. International Service, which include wireline and wireless operations and investments, primarily in America and Europe.

The movement of Verizon in the VoIP space was only natural. The fact that Verizon was already providing DSL to homes and offices made its movement easier. It was a useful value addition for Verizon’s broadband customers too, who bought the VoIP phone service that Verizon offered, with all its attendant advantages.

The biggest advantage of this service is number portability. A Verizon customer can choose an area code of his liking. This reduces the cost of calling because all calls to that area code are treated as local calls. The customer can also carry the number with him, even if he leaves the city. This is one facility that conventional phones can’t offer.

Verizon VoIP also brought in several other features. This included call plans where the customer could make unlimited calls within the United States and Canada. Verizon also reduced the international call rates sharply, making the service very attractive for customers who had friends or family members living abroad.

Among other ting, the customer can access voice mail on the web, and change service options (such as caller ID or call waiting) and billing options online. All these features have made Verizon VoIP a great service option for both residential and business customers.

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