Price is the USP of Viatalk Voip

Viatalk Voip offers high quality, cost-effective phone services using the Voice over Internet Protocol technology. The services are provided over a state-of-the-art fiber optic network that gives the company an edge over its rivals.

The company, which is a division of, offers talk plans ranging from $ 9.95 to $ 35.95. This gives Viatalk an edge over other VoIP providers who find it difficult to match VoIP’s price.

Viatalk offers all the standard features like caller ID with name, voicemail, call forwarding, call return, e911 support, operator services etc. Viatalk also provides softphone facilities. A customer can download the software into his laptop or desktop, and use them to make calls.

Besides this, Viatalk offers several paid features. These include a virtual phone number from the same link. This phone number, which costs $3.95 per month, works like a second phone. Customers can ask for the same area code or a different area code, a facility which enables them to receive calls from outside their local calling area at local rates.

This is not all. Viatalk also provides toll free number to its customers for $ 4.95 a month. The user pays 5 cents a minute for all incoming calls. A customer can also get a fax line from Viatalk for $ 9.95 a month. A 411 service is provided to all Viatalk customers that provides information on all listed businesses or home addresses in the US and Canada.

The VT_500 plan from Viatalk offers customers 500 minutes of free calling to the US and Canada. A subscriber can buy this plan for $ 9.95 a month, provided the subscription is for 24 months. Similarly, the VT Unlimited plan offers unlimited calls to the US and Canada for $ 15.95 a month, provided the subscription is for 24 months.

The VT business 1500 Plan offers 1500 anytime minutes for calling to the US and Canada. It also includes a fax line. This plan can be bought for $29.95 a month, if the subscription is for 24 months. Usage beyond 1500 minutes costs 3.5 cents a minute.

The VT Business Unlimited Plan offers unlimited free calling to the US and Canada, with a free fax line. This plan can be bought for 35.95 per month.

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