VoIP publications meet a useful need

The dramatic growth of the VoIP-based phone industry and the need to disseminate information about the new medium has led to the setting up of several VoIP publications. These publications are mostly aimed to meet the needs of professionals working in the VoIP field, and focus on the latest developments in the software and hardware fields. A few of these publications also provide useful information on related subjects like networking, telephone systems etc.

Some publications like Wireless Europe provide a mix of information related to the wireless world. They also include articles on Wireless VoIP, personality profiles and product development. Cabling Installation and Maintenance is a purely technical magazine and focuses on the laying of cables connecting networks.

The publications are not limited to the offline world. There are several online resources that offer useful insight into the VoIP world. Computer world VoIP news is a leading source of VoIP information. Equally informative is the Internet Telephony Magazine, which hosts several useful and relevant VoIP news and feature articles.

The SIP Center and Techie VoIP are two information portals. The first one focuses on SIP news while the latter is devoted to all VoIP subjects. Besides this, the other important VoIP sites that publish trade related information are Telephony World.com, Telezoo.com, VoIPOnline.com and VoIPWatch. Most of these websites run their own VoIP newsletters that update subscribers on all the latest developments.

There is therefore no shortage of information related to VoIP, both online and offline. Several manufacturers like Cisco also bring out VoIP-related publications that provide information about routers, gateways, multi-path switches etc. Most of these publications are available in a digital form online. This makes it possible for VoIP professionals to gather information more easily. They can not only go through the latest articles but also delve into the archives to access information that may be relevant to their projects.

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