VoIP router is a key VoIP component

A VoIP router is the key component of any VoIP phone service. It consists of two main parts: the router and access point. All computers at home or in the office are connected to the access point while the broadband connection is plugged into the router. This enables the router to move all traffic from all Internet related devices, like the PC and phone, to the net and vice versa.

To ensure greater compatibility, it is advisable to purchase the access points and routers from the same company. The best routers are those which are easy to set up, and which are backed by good customer service. One router that has consistently got high ratings is the Belkin Wireless Pre-N router. It has three antennae instead of two and it works in areas, where other routers fail.

Linksys is another router that has been rated very highly. Its Speed Booster model offers good throughput performance, and is easy to set up. The Buffalo AirStation WZR-RS-G54 is another good router. It switches channels to avoid interference and offers good security.

Fortunately, most VoIP companies provide the routers as part of the set up. The customer does not have to worry about the router or its settings. He may not even be aware of the existence of the router and the role it plays in routing all voice communication.

However, the importance of router in any Internet –based operation cannot be denied. It is the router which reads the IP addresses and routes the digital packets to their destination. The routers also make sure that the digitized voice packets are moved over routes that are not congested. This speeds up transmission of voice packets, and improves voice quality.

Without a router, the voice packets will end up at all the wrong destinations, and the customer will get garbled voices. To avoid this, VoIP phone companies pay great attention to selecting the right router. They test routers over different networks and at different speeds before installing it on home or office phone lines.

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