Vonage phones have several advantages

The Vonage phones are handsets that are used to make phone calls using the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. These phones work when they are connected to a broadband line through a phone adapter.

The installation of Vonage phones is very simple. The user is provided a Cisco 186 box which has two ports. One port is used to plug the phone cable and the other to plug the broadband cable. Once this is done, the phone is ready to be used, and can receive as well as make calls.

To make calls over Vonage phone, the user needs to pick up the receiver, check the dial tone and dial the number. The user can then converse as he does on the conventional landline-based phone. Similarly, a ring announces that there is a call.

So, what is the difference between Vonage phones and the conventional phones? The difference lies in the way the call is transmitted. In the case of the conventional phone, the voice is routed on phone lines owned by telecom companies.

In the case of Vonage phone the voice is routed on the Internet, very much in the same way that an e-mail is routed. The adapter converts the voice into digital packets; these packets are then stamped with an IP address and routed to their destination. At the destination, the digital packets are reassembled, and converted back into voice. This happens when the call is being made from one Voyage phone to another.

However, when the call is made from one Vonage phone to a conventional phone, then the voice is routed partly on the Internet and partly on the lines of the telecom company to which the called party’s phone is connected. All this happens in fractions of a second. The user unaware of how his voice is being transported can continue talking happily.

A big advantage of Vonage phones is the value added services. These include call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail etc. Another advantage is number portability. A Vonage phone user can retain the phone number even if he changes his city. ‘

The biggest advantage is the price difference. Vonage phone users find their phone bills reduced by one-third to half the amount that they paid their conventional phone companies.

No wonder more and more users are switching to Vonage phones.

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