Vonage reviews are a shot in the arm for the company

Vonage can easily be called a VoIP phone service pioneer. When it started out VoIP was still a technology of the geeks. Not surprisingly, the first Vonage reviews too were not flattering. The subscribers found the VoIP phones wanting in voice quality. But it was not long before Vonage phones came to be accepted and the company went on to notch up one million subscribers.

Most Vonage subscribers find the Vonage phones easy to install. All that they need to do is to plug the phone cable and the broadband cable in the Cisco 186 box. Once they have done this the phone is ready to use. This user-friendly feature was able to convert several conventional phone users to Vonage.

The other was the price. Initially, the Vonage phone users were happy with the low prices offered by Vonage. It compared favorably with the prices being charged by conventional telecom companies. In fact, the phone bills of several subscribers who moved from landline phones to VoIP-based Vonage phones crashed by half.

However, the Vonage prices do not compare so favorably with the new entrants to the VoIP phone service market. Vonage may still be a market leader but it is feeling the heat. The Vonage subscribers want Vonage to maintain its price advantage, but Vonage is finding it difficult to so because of its large subscriber base and rising overhead costs.

Vonage’s main argument is that it is providing better services than the new entrants. Its subscribers also accept the merit of this argument. But they feel that they will be better served if Vonage cuts its prices below the market level.

The subscribers of Vonage, however, have no complaints against the voice quality. They feel it is comparable to the conventional phones. They are also delighted with the value added features like international call forwarding, call-waiting caller id, call waiting disable function, distinctive ringing, repeat dialing, return dial and three-way calling.

Vonage has also won favorable reviews for features like call blocking, call filtering, sequential ringing, secondary virtual phone number, additional service lines, toll-free numbers and web-based management. Its number portability service has been particularly welcomed. Several users were able to retain their phone numbers even when they changed cities, thanks to this facility.

The result of these facilities is that the Vonage family continues to grow and grow.

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