Wireless VoIP is the new buzzword

The new buzzword in the wireless world is Wireless VoIP. The excitement comes following the development of WiFI phones, which make it possible to make calls through the Internet – without using wires. The user only needs to charge the battery of a Wi Fi phone and hook it to a wireless network. The phone will work like a cell phone though the calls will be relayed over the net.

This may sound complicated, but the technology is simple. It is already being used to communicate voice over broadband lines. In the case of wireless VoIP the voice will be converted into data packets and transmitted to a wireless receiver connected to the Internet. The digital packets will then be stamped with an IP address and sent through different routes to their destination. This technology is known as packet switched technology, and prevents congestion. Once the digital packets reach their destination, they are reconverted into voice and fed into a phone.

The wireless VoIP technology can be used to transmit voice from a wireless network to a VoIP phone, a conventional phone, a cell phone or a computer. The biggest advantage of this technology will be the savings. They will reduce the phone bills substantially and also making calling easier.

One of the first companies to introduce a Wi Fi VoIP phone into the market is ZyXel. Its Prestige P-2000W v.2 model is capable of handling Wi Fi and VoIP connections. It also supports the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The great thing about this phone is that it searches for Wi Fi networks and connects to them.

The utility of wireless phones can be gauged from the fact that as many as 10 P-2000W phones can be attached to one broadband network, and there will be no drop in the voice quality. The user only needs to recharge the battery after 4 hours of talk time. Currently, a P-2000W phone costs around $ 200, but the costs will come down once the technology becomes popular. The phone offers advanced features like call transfer, call hold, paging, instant messaging, two call appearances, three-way conferencing and online presence.

Another company which has come up with a wireless phone is Zultys Technologies. Experts believe that the wireless VoIP may match the existing VoIP phone services once the technology develops fully.

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